saveyourbreathfaster: "Sheriff? You are a sheriff? Well I weep for your country in that case. "

"What are ya tryin’ to say? Sheriffs rules towns and counties, not the COUNTRY. And how are ya a better vizier? At least I don’t try to hypnotize the king. Eh, I know that because yer parrot told me." The wolf crossed his arms, offended.

"Hm, I guess I just started to really like this character, yeah. What can go wrong, right?"

*googles the character and finds out that she/he dies”



Anonymous: I love everything about your blog, it is wonderful and has a friendly spirit to it!

[( Thanks a lot! Not sure if the Sheriff is very friendly though. e__e


Track: Whistle Stop
Artist: Disney's Robin Hood


File under: one of my favorite things ever. 



[( reblogging this because I’m surprised with the number of notes..

xlammy: Oh my gosh I love your posts! I am the self-declared number one fan of this blog.

[( Alright, thanks I needed that, that’s awesome. ^^


[( Sorry for being so absent, actually, I have a lot of things to post, I think I’m just not in the mood, I keep saving a lot of drafts but I never know what’s the right time to do it. Eh, what’s the inverse of feeling? Yeah, I don’t know, I’m not sad or anything, I just don’t feel nothing at the moment. Also, idk if people really care about more posts, but I’m going to post them anyway later.